Teen Parenting 101

Helping Teenagers with Parenting

Teen Parenting 101

Every teenager has dreams and aspirations. Getting the newest CD, finishing high school or buying a car.

A car … you know the kind, a beautiful, fast, red convertible that you can cruise around in on Friday night. One with all the options, a CD player, leather seats, a computerized dash, chrome wheels and a baby in the back seat. WHAT? A baby in the back seat?

For many teens, the “dream car” is not an option because they become parents earlier than they had planned. Having a baby is a big deal. It impacts the rest of your life, sometimes in ways you might not have thought. Cruise through our Web site to learn how to avoid those dangerous curves!

For Teens:

Games & Activities
Check out this section to find out what a baby really costs, and explore the Rules of the Road for becoming a teen parent entering the H&W system.

Teen Stories
Get some great advice from other teens, and find out what it is really like to be a teen parent.
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Have a question or looking for info? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions.
Looking for Something?
Looking for additional info? Check out the Links and Resources area.
Teachers and Parents:

Teacher’s Guide
Lesson plans and classroom activities on a number of topics.

Teen Stories
A great resource for the classroom! Bring in a guest speaker via the Web!
This area answers the most frequently asked questions to help you answer teens questions.

Additional Resources
This area is packed with great resources from all over the Web! If you are looking for facts and statistics or resources for teen parents, you will find it here!

Watch the Video
Haven’t had a chance to see the Video? No problem! Watch it on the Web!
Additional areas of exploration for young adults exploring the impact of teen pregnancy.