Being a Stay-at-Home Mom

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Being a Stay-at-Home Mom

In this day and age, there are not a lot of women who can opt to be stay at home moms. Economic reality often dictates that the income of one person is not enough to sustain a family. For others, it simply isn’t how they were brought up. In most modern, post-feminist societies, and certainly here in the US, women are brought up to believe they can balance a great career with raising a family.

Maternal Instinct

Even in the post-feminist world, there will always be those who choose to be stay at home moms. Maternal instinct is hard-wired into women and is quite a basic instinct.

We don’t live in a closed world though, and being a stay at home mom is a long-term commitment. The decision to do so should never be made lightly.

Check your Finances

The reality is that most working moms never really have to deal with the choice between being working moms and full time homemakers.

Economic situations usually determine that life for them. Before you quit your job to be a full time mom, you and your partner need to do the math and figure out if you can afford to get by on only one income.

Get Support

Modern society will always exert pressure to make women aspire to careers on top of motherhood. No matter how forward society gets, there will always be those who just want to be mothers to their children and nothing else. Seek such women out and form friendships.

There are actually support groups you can join. Having a circle of friends who agree on something so important will help ease the pressures from society, give you a few playdate options for your kids, and most importantly, give you a circle of potential lifelong friends.

Get a Hobby

Because society may dictate that stay at home moms are missing out on something, you can minimize the feeling by taking up a hobby. When your kids get to be school age and are out of the house much of the day, having an engaging hobby will stop you from becoming stir crazy and also provide whatever fulfillment society tells you that you are missing out on.

You can even turn a hobby into a money-making venture. There are hundreds of stories of women who managed to make their hobby into a successful business.

Enjoy your Kids

It seems pretty obvious, but it is more crucial than you can imagine. Don’t be overly concerned with preparing perfect meals, pressing clothes properly, adhering to homework schedules, and dotting the “I”s and crossing the “T”s of being a good homemaker. Play with your kids, laugh with them, cry with them and, most importantly, spend quality time with them.

If it means an extra hour or so of time together, send out for Pizza occasionally instead of cooking an elaborate dinner. The best way to find fulfillment in being a single mom is to see your kids grow up healthy, happy, and secure in your love.

Was your own mother a stay at home mom? Did she have any advice for you when you made that decision? What methods for coping have you found work best?