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Helping Teenagers with Parenting

Choosing the Right Child Care Center

Choosing the right child care center for your toddler can be a nerve wracking experience. This will be the first time in your relationship with your child that you will be entrusting your precious baby to the care of another person or people for long periods of time. As difficult and complicated as it is…
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When is your Toddler Ready for Preschool?

There are no hard and fast rules to deciding when your toddler is ready for preschool. Each child is unique and each child will learn things at a different rate. The great news is that kids who pick up slower are likely just late bloomers. Albert Einstein didn’t talk till he was five and Winston…
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Being a Stay-at-Home Mom

In this day and age, there are not a lot of women who can opt to be stay at home moms. Economic reality often dictates that the income of one person is not enough to sustain a family. For others, it simply isn’t how they were brought up. In most modern, post-feminist societies, and certainly…
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Teenage Parenting | Frequently Asked Questions

You might think being a teenage parent is something new. However, teenagers have been having children ever since the beginning of time. In today’s society, there are different standards of living and necessities to consider when having a baby as a teen. You can calculate the cost of having a Baby using our online calculator.…
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