Helping Teenagers
with Parenting

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Dedicated to help Teens become better Parents

Many Teens find themselves becoming parents sooner than expected. There are many ways to deal with everyday parenting challenges. Read stories from other teens like you and find the best assistance for your situation.

Latest Teen Stories

Read other stories from teens like you or share your experience with many in the same situation.

Teenage Parenting | Frequently Asked Questions

You might think being a teenage parent is something new. However, teenagers have been having children ever since the beginning of time. In today’s society, there are different standards of[…]

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Teen Parenting 101

Every teenager has dreams and aspirations. Getting the newest CD, finishing high school or buying a car. A car … you know the kind, a beautiful, fast, red convertible that[…]

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Teenage Parent Story – Leora was 17 when she had her first child

Interviewer:Joan Cartan-Hansen Leora My name is Leora. JCH Tell me what your life was like before you got pregnant. Leora I was in school. I had plans. I had goals.[…]

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